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Fairly legal

This year’s FIAF symposium « Fairly legal – Intellectual property, content regulation and film archiving: where are we heading? » invites film curators, archivists, researchers and legal experts from all over the globe how copyright in a digital environment affects the film archives’ mission to collect, preserve and make film heritage available. It is organised as part of the 71st IAF Congress, which will be held in Sydney and Canberra from 12-18 April 2015. Topics, amongst other things, are how US archives deal with orphan works under a fair use doctrine (Gregory Lukow and Hope O’Keeffe, Library of Congress), a European framework agreement, which aims to speed up the digitisation and restoration of films (Nicola Mazzanti, president of the Association of European Film Archives and Cinematheques – ACE), and the end of deposits in the digital age (Thomas C. Christensen, The Danish Film Institute / ACE).