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Consultation on EU copyright review – Results published

The European Commission has published the results of the public consultation about a review of EU copyright rules. The consultation was held between 5 December 2013 and 5 March 2014. It covered a range of issues, such as harmonisation, limitations and  exceptions to copyright, territoriality in the Internal market etc . More than 9.500 replies were received, among them the response of ACE – Association of European Film Archives and Cinematheques.

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Report on the responses



Europeana dedicates July as Public Domain Month

15/07/2014 Europeana advocates for open access and dedicates the hole month of July as the Public Domain Month. Europeana’s fundamental principles is that works that are in the public domain before they are digitised, should remain in the public domain (i.e. free from copyright) once they are digitised.  So far, 7,607,443 objects available via Europeana are declared to be in the public domain. Cultural heritage insitutions are encouraged to respect the Europeana Public Domain Charter and to  apply the Public Domain Mark.  Europeana will share facts about IPR via its new Twitter account, @EuropeanaIPR.

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FORWARD at EuropeanaPhotograpy Meeting, 12th June, Copenhagen

10/06/2014 – Thomas C. Christensen, curator at the Danish Film Institute and project partner in FORWARD, will present the Directive 2012/28/EU on Orphan Works as well as the FORWARD project at the EuropeanaPhotography Meeting in Copenhagen.  Some of the questions to be discussed are: What are the limitations of the Directive? Which types of heritage will typically be relevant to investigate for orphan status? How can non-profit cultural institutions benefit and follow up on the policy agenda that created the Directive?

Venue:  The Workers Museum, Rømersgade 22, Copenhagen.
Participants:  Representatives from Danish national archives and cultural institutions.

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