Registration open for Orphans 2017 / Orphelins de Paris

Newly restored and previously unseen 90mm films by Étienne-Jules Marey, ca. 1894-1900, will debut at Orphans.

Newly restored and previously unseen 90mm films by Étienne-Jules Marey, ca. 1894-1900

« Tests, Essais + Expérimentations » is the topic of this year’s Orphan Symposium, hosted by the Cinémathèque française and New York University. It will take place from 2-4 March during Toute la mémoire du monde, the International Festival of Film Restoration (1-5 March 2017) at the Cinémathèque française.

Scholars, researchers, and archivists are invited to  explore a variety of neglected films: those derived from experimental and alternative uses of film; technical tests of any sort; production elements, including outtakes, alternate takes, screen tests, dailies, and deleted footage; unreleased or incomplete films maudits; unedited or unidentified footage; compilation reels and found footage; avant-garde cinema and nontheatrical films. What are the challenges of preserving and presenting these voluminous but often hidden collections? How should we document, archive, and research these film elements? How can we situate tests and experimentation in the histories of cinema and visual culture?

Registration gives access to both the Orphan Film Symposium and all five days and nights of Festival Toute la Mémoire du monde. The fee is 200 USD  ($100 for students, retirees, and the underemployed). Simultaneous French and English translations provided.

You can access the register form HERE.

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« Toute la mémoire du monde » offers 90 screenings, roundtables, master classes, and cine-concerts, as well as an international symposium about the future of cinémathèques (1 March), and other presentations.