International Workshop « Rights Issues for Film in Education », Frankfurt, 13 April 2016

MinifilmclubBannerIn the frame of the ABCinema Plus project a one day workshop « Rights Issues for Film in Education » will be held at the Deutsches Filminstut in Frankfurt on 13 April 2016.  Providing  critical viewing skills is key for young generations to understand the visual culture around them. European film archives have a longstanding expertise in teaching what film is  – a language, an art form, an expression of human activity. They offer varied film literacy activities (workshops, screenings, seminars, guided tours etc.) for different user and age groups.  However, the legal framework under which film archives and cinema institutions carry out these activities is more often than not unclear. Aim of the workshop is to provide a better understanding of the coypright exceptions for ecucational purposes and how these work (or not) across Europe.

Special attention will be given to the Orphan Works Directive, the only copyright exception that has been harmonized across the member states.  Chances and obstacles of the orphan works legislation for European film archives will be explained using the example of FORWARD. The workshop is open to the professional public.

You can access the full programme here.