Developing the FORWARD architecture

During the last few months, FORWARD’s technical partner CINECA has been busy working on the Rights Information Structure (RII).  The FORWARD architecture features two sub-systems:

  •  the workflow and
  •  the catalogue

The workflow sub-system represents the main tool, which provides all the functionalities needed in order to perform diligent searches for all the works foreseen by the project. It implements the algorithms and decision trees for both assessing the copyright status and determining the rights holders, and all necessary mechanisms involved such as querying external sources, managing manual intervention, etc. In addition, it provides a graphical user interface that allows the beneficiary user to interact with the system, not only to assist users during the workflow, but also for account management. Its main goal is to populate the RII database with all the results of the diligent searches keeping track of all relevant information that provide documentary evidence of the assessments.

The catalogue sub-system represents a component to support the diligent search: it actually provides input data that has to be collected at work and party level from each Film Heritage Institution (FHI) in the project. It also provides functionalities such as data management, searching, indexing. Data have to be imported in the catalogue using a common format defined among FHIs and mapped into the new repository. Once the processing of all the works is completed, the same format must be used to export back the catalogues.

The RII design is still under development.

RII system overview: